A Prophetic Word for 2016

I was spending time in prayer and the presence of God when in my spirit I began to experience words such as replant, rebuild and refurbish being released. I felt that the Spirit of the Lord was telling me 2016 was going to be a year of “re” words including, recreating and rebuilding. I couldn’t help but think revival also begins with “re.”

Refurbishing an item is stripping it down to its bare material and repainting it. It requires much work sometimes to take off all the layers of old paint, to sand it down, smooth it out and prepare it to be painted and beautified. It is a perfect analogy of what our Father does to His people in order to get them ready to be useful and productive for His Kingdom.

An old item can still be used such as a crate or a chair before it is sanded down and town apart. It may be chipped and peeling, some pieces may be falling off, but after it is chipped away at, the old paint scraped off it can be varnished or painted again, not only beautiful this time, but radiating a beauty that everyone now wants that product.

Our master Creator can do that with us too. He can scrape away the pieces that don’t beautify us or represent His name well. He can chip away at us through conviction, instruction and directions. His Spirit can reveal to us where we need to put away the old and take on the new.

I am hearing 2016 is a year of newness. Things you thought were lost, had no hope for anymore, or were washed away to the sea will be rebuilt and replanted in your life and it begins with the refurbishing.

A piece of furniture doesn’t have a choice whether or not to be refurbished, but God gives us free will. He gives us the choice whether or not we will allow ourselves to be recreated. What will your choice be?

Our God has made the word so beautiful with all the different kinds of trees and shades of green. He made the lakes and oceans, beautiful bodies of water and created the sounds of the waves to crash up against the shore for your enjoyment. He made the stars to glisten at night, so as you gaze out into an open sky you can see the beauty of his wondrous works of his hands.

Imagine for a moment an item being refurbished. It has some bare wood showing and paint now paint peeling off. Now envision the product done, painted with a new coat, perhaps some designs on the top layer. God was creative when He made this world, with the trees, oceans, mountains, and all the natural beauty He gave us to enjoy. How much more would He choose to recreate you, His very own child, into someone magnificent for His glory and the representation of His name?

As we are recreated, replanted, and rebuilt, we will be beautiful. Just as someone may not want the old box or chair, once it is refurbished, all of a sudden it becomes a cherished, valued, wanted item. You are all that to God even without the refurbishing! You are cherished, valued, wanted and loved greatly by Him. Don’t you want to allow Him to come in and take those wounds, the hurts, pain, unfairness and areas of your life where you are uncomfortable and allow Him to refurbish them? He can do it; the question is will you allow Him?

With 2016 upon us, it will be a year of restoration of restoring things that were once lost, of repurposing those who felt they have no purpose and recreating people to be all they need to be for the master Creator and His Kingdom.

How to Get Yourself in a Place to Receive God’s Instruction

Do you walk in obedience at your convenience or do you walk in strict obedience to our Father?

Obedience requires sacrifice. It requires us sacrificing what we think is important and what our flesh wants. It sometimes requires us sacrificing the easy way out. It requires us to get rid of our fleshly tendencies. Obedience requires discipline. Discipline to be adamant about following His orders, obeying our prophecies and directions that He has given directly to us.

Some of us would say we are obedient to God. We go to church, pray and worship, but this is not the obedience I am talking about. The obedience I am talking about is following His instruction.

How closely and attentively do you follow His instruction? Do you write down His instructions? Do you remember His instructions? Do you ignore His instructions or do you listen to His instructions? We don’t all like to be told what to do, even by our Heavenly Father. I assure you, we do need His instruction.

How do we get ourselves in a place to receive that instruction and act on those instructions? It is by allowing God to instruct us in all areas of our life, big and small. We look for God’s direction in big things, but when we hear His direction in the small things, often we don’t think it is God and that we don’t need to obey in the “little things.” It is obedience in these little things that the Father uses to instruct us how to have obedience in the greater things. When we hear these instructions and obey, we will learn to hear more clearly as a result of our obedience.

As you look at your life, do you consider yourself an obedient person? Would you be obedient if God told you to give away a piece of your jewelry? What if He told you to buy a person’s meal? Now let’s go a little further, what if there was something you really wanted to do badly and He told you not to do it? Could you be obedient? What if there was a situation that you really had to walk by faith and not by sight? Could you be obedient? What if you thought, oh it’s no big deal I will do it anyways?  That is not obedience! Doing something contrary to what He has instructed you to do is nothing but disobedience.

Obedience comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Our Heavenly Father is requiring us to be obedient in all things—all things, not just some things, but all things. This requires us crucifying our flesh, our wants and our desires for His. Our life is not our own; it belongs to the One who sits on the throne! We must get to the point where every thought, every action is in obedience to Him, is in relationship to Him.

We must examine our past instructions from the Father and ask ourselves, are we completing them, are we living them out? We need to go back into the past and say what has the Father told me to do, what have I written down, what did He tell me to start or complete that I am not doing. We need to make sure the things of the past, present and future are under the guidance and leading of the Father and that we are heeding His instruction willfully, obediently and quickly.

There is much more we can be doing for the kingdom if we will take the time to repent, confess, submit and take a huge step forward in complete obedience. No matter what it feels like or looks like, will you take that step forward with me in complete obedience? Remember our life is not our own; it belongs to the One who sits on the throne.

How to move from faithless to fearless in the Lord

Elijah was fearless in front of King Ahab in 1 Kings. In the beginning, Elijah had no fear. King Ahab was an evil king, worshipping Baal.

Elijah went in front of him and commanded no rain. During this time, God provided for Elijah in the miraculous. God sent ravens to feed Elijah and then when the brooks dried up, God led him to a widow to provide for him. Elijah then goes out and kills the false prophets in great numbers.

Elijah is given some supernatural strength from God to outrun Ahab’s chariot. So far this sounds like a story of victory, and it is. But on the same day Elijah won the battle, he ran for his life. He allowed Jezebel’s words and reputation to intimidate him.

“Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, “So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time.” And when he saw that, he arose and ran for his life and went to Beersheba, which belongs to Judah, and left his servant there. But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a broom tree. And he prayed that he might die, and said, “It is enough! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!” (1 Kin. 19:2-4).

He wanted the Lord to take his life, (vs. 4). He was intimidated and fearful of Jezebel. Here God had provided for him over and over again, but he allowed Jezebel’s words to intimidate him.

God wants us to be full of faith not fear. We too could be compared to Elijah. There are days we are filled with faith and feel as though we can conquer our mountains and then there are days we are plagued with fear and run from our problems instead of confronting them with faith. We too like Elijah don’t always look back and remember what God did for us in the past and how He protected us, cared for us and provided for us.

We were not created to be faithless; we were created to be fearless. The Bible says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love,” (1 John 4:18).

When we know the love of the Father we can be fearless, because then we are perfected in His love. The Father loves us. He loves you and He loves me. That is reason enough to have faith.

We are going to have challenges and obstacles placed in front of us, similar to what Elijah experienced. It is what we do in those times of confrontation and situations that will determine if we will be fearless or faithless. We must always remember, God is on our side and, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

I remember one time I was at Garden of the Gods and God led me to run up one of the rock formations. It wouldn’t seem like a big challenge to most, but to me it was. It was out of my comfort zone. I would run up and take a break in increments to stop and absorb what our Heavenly Father had for me.

I remember arriving at the point in which He finally told me to stop. I encountered Him and had a vision, it truly was supernatural. As I ran back down to my husband, I said to him, “I feel alive, I feel so alive, I feel free. Something was broken off of me!” I was so full of joy and happiness and I felt so alive because I was not faithless, I was fearless.

God presented me with something He wanted me to do and I was fearless in doing it. As a result, it filled me with faith and made me fearless and brought forth freedom.

God is going to put things in our path to build our faith. He is going to give us assignments to root the fear out of our lives. How do we accomplish the assignments? By embracing what He asks of us.

As we embrace them we will move through them more easily, instead of resisting what He asks of us. We will accomplish the task and in return it will create us to be fearless people, not faithless people.

How to love someone who irritates you

What is love, and how do we truly exhibit love?

I think we all go on these love craves during which we desire to show God’s love as much as we can. We have an encounter with love and want to pour out love every second we get and then we then don’t pour out His love as well as we should.

I believe God’s love becomes a fad like a W.W.J.D. bracelet. They were a hot item for a while and probably made the creator a lot of money. They then, however, wore out naturally and spiritually.

Aren’t we supposed to be all about God’s love? The first place we can start being about God’s love is in the home. How can we show God’s love in the world if we are not showing it in our own home? What does this mean? It means spending time with your loved ones.

In the day and age of modern technology, we can be in a room together with one another, but are we with each other? No. We have our laptops on, phones within reach and a movie or video game on the TV screen. How is this showing love?

What about getting irritated with our family members? Should we snap, get angry, have sharp tones and comments and get irritated with what another person said or did? Is that truly showing God’s love? I think that is where the W.W.J.D. bracelets come in. How would Jesus react to another family member? The answer is with love.

We need to learn how to extend and be love to those people who sometimes “drive us nuts,” to those “we can’t stand to be around” and to those who”drain us emotionally.” But why do we even feel that way about “those people?”

I was talking to the Lord recently about whom the world would label “high maintenance people to whom we need to extend a little extra grace.” I mean the people who don’t seem to want to do anything for themselves or who ask you to pray for them all the time. How many times do you want to shout back at them: “Pray for yourself! You have two lips and a tongue!”

In all seriousness, why do we get irritated with them? Because we do not love enough and because we do not love as Jesus loves.

When will we get back to the place of compassion and love; of pouring ourselves out on people and truly serving them and being a channel of love? When will we do it right? When will we love like Jesus loved? When will we be a stream of constant love?

You know why those people do the things they do to us; because they need love. They are hurting, lonely, rejected, insecure, inferior and they need love. They need someone to pour into them. They need someone to invest in them and to say, “You know what, you are valued and loved, and you are important to me.” They should be important to you because they are God’s children. Aren’t you supposed to love as He loves?

I challenge you to be love. You know who that person is who maybe you would rather have not bug you so much. Perhaps you would be happy if they were not in your life. I want you to love them abundantly. I want you to make them your love assignment. Be nice to them. Go out of your way to love on them and pray for them. Pray that God would give them a love encounter and that they would receive the love of God that comes through other people in their lives.

Make it a practice and a way of living to outlove the other person. Think about how much you are loved. I want you to pour that much love out, that you outlove the person next to you, who loved on you. Yes, a love mission. Learn to outlove the next person. Learn to be love; and when you think you accomplished your mission, when you think you have achieved love, ask the Lord to help you love even more, because it’s all about L-O-V-E!

Bitterness: Rid Yourself of the Poison Inside You

Offenses will come. People will hurt you. These are simple facts of life.

Unfortunately, we can’t shut ourselves off from the world. God knows we certainly do try. We have put up self-protective walls and made internal oaths to ourselves that this will be the last time we get hurt. We say we don’t need friends and we only need God.

However, we are all also created to want to coexist with other human beings. Even though we have been hurt repeatedly, no matter how many times we attempt to shut down, close ourselves off and promise not to allow anyone to ever hurt us again, it happens.

Relationships are part of our existence. If relationships didn’t exist, we would all have our own desert island on which to live. God created us because He wanted companionship. Think about that. The Creator of our universe wanted to have us talk to Him.

He knew when He created us that we would betray Him and get mad at Him. He knew there would be times we wanted to yell at Him and wouldn’t think great thoughts about Him. Yet, He still created us and chose to be in a relationship with us. He chose to be in a relationship with us even though He knew it wouldn’t be a perfect relationship. He didn’t give up on us. He didn’t put up self-protective walls against us. He didn’t say, “This will be the last time you hurt me.” He doesn’t treat us like humans do. He desires to be in a relationship with us, despite our faults.

Aren’t we supposed to be like Him? Aren’t we supposed to be better than what we were in the past? Aren’t we supposed to be forgiving?

The bottom line is people are going to hurt us. We are going to get hurt, and then we are going to deal with the emotions of what they did. We are going to deal with the fact they lied to us, betrayed us, abused us and deeply wounded our emotions. What we need to ask ourselves is what do we do next? Do we harbor the grudge? Do we take in the offense? Do we allow our flesh to rise up and tell people what we really think? Do we allow the anger to take root? Do we seek revenge?

Do we simply forgive? Do we move on? Do we apologize even though we did nothing wrong in order to start the healing process? Do we choose to say, “Enough is enough” or “It is what it is”?

It really “is what it is.” We can’t change people, but we can choose how we respond. We can’t change the fact it happened. Most likely it will happen again someday in some city or some town with some person, friend or relative. When it happens, you need to ask yourself, “Do I shut the whole world out?” If I do, I will be living in a pretty lonely placed tucked inside my physical house and my head of feelings and my heart with stone walls of self-protection built around it.

The best thing to do when someone has hurt you and has wronged you is to acknowledge that Jesus Christ died on the cross for that person’s sin and for your sin. Acknowledge that He took the sins and offenses to hell so we wouldn’t have to. Acknowledge that you haven’t been perfect in your life either and have that same grace and mercy that people extended to you when you messed up to extend to others.

Otherwise, the only walls you will be building will be bitterness, resentment and offense. They will build up and kill you internally. They will produce such a poison inside of you that people won’t want to be around you and you won’t have to worry about isolating yourself on purpose, because it will naturally happen.

People are going to hurt you. Just when you think you are healed from all the hurts, it will happen again or God will show you another area of hurt. It is OK to let it go. Allow God to heal you and allow yourself to release it. No person, no thing, no incident is worth hanging on to so much that it internally kills a piece of you every day. Let it go. You can’t change people, but you can change yourself.


I was working on a special project for the Lord and taking many breaks for prayer and meditation. I was reflecting on him and had been specifically praying and crying out to the Lord how I could best serve his people and how I could love them and impact them. I heard him say people don’t want to cut loose relationships and dead situations in their lives because it is the Christmas season, but that they can no longer hold onto and try to resurrect things that I no longer have planned for their lives. The time with him proceeded forth and I received this prophetic revelation from the Lord.

You have to discern when it is enemy resistance versus when it is no longer God’s will and he has lifted his hand from that assignment or relationship. You are hanging onto something or someone you no longer should be hanging onto. You think you belong together with a specific person or that this is your assignment, but you have missed the timing or the enemy released destroying powers into that path, (“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” John 10:10).

What you are attempting to resurrect no longer has the Lord’s hand of blessing on, what you are praying for, decreeing with all diligence, hoping and expecting for is simply tiring you out and wearing you down. You don’t see the truth of the situation, because you don’t want to. Your time to move on is now. The thing you are hoping for is in the past. No longer can you speak resurrection life into it. You don’t want to lose your dream, break your heart or hurt, but you are already hurting and stressed out by something that is not his will. Cut it loose and let it go. It’s not meant for you and he has much better in store. You can’t see the better because you are living by sight and not by faith, but we should, live by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7).

Restoration is in your future, just not in your present situation. Restoration comes in building something new, not restoring something that you are hoping for that is already lost. It’s a new season, a new year is approaching, cut your losses, heal your heart, expect more, and move on towards the goal (1 Cor. 9:24), the prize which is in Christ Jesus (Php 3:14) and when you are in Christ Jesus new things appear. Everything is possible. There are no probably’s with Christ, but assurities that all things are possible with him (Phil 4:13).

Don’t have expectations of anything less, than him embarking you on a new prosperous journey filled with hope, healing, expectation; that the last is going to be greater than the former (Hag 2:9). Get renewed hope by being with him and being obedient to his plan for your life; trust him. Many of you don’t trust him because you aren’t letting go of the very thing you are holding onto that you shouldn’t be. Trust him, repent of not believing by faith that he can improve and change your situation.

Take it to the throne of God and seek his grace and mercy in the time of need (Heb. 4:16). Allow him to be your healer. Allow him to be your friend and your sustainer. He is the sustainer and giver of life; even while you are feeling something in your life needs to be resurrected, that thing is dead. The very thing you are hanging on to so tightly is dead. Allow him to grow new life into your situation. Give him the very thing you hold most dearly; that relationship, job, or situation, that you seem to not be able to let go.

You keep pressing in and persevering in the very thing he has released you from. You haven’t stopped to pray and seek his advice on whether to keep moving forward. He disconnected you from it, but you didn’t see it, because you didn’t stop to look, listen, pray and seek his face. If you would have waited and rested in him you would have seen. But now he is giving you instruction, heed his warnings.

You will go around in circles and see the same negative happenings if you do not cut those things off that are dead. Just like he cuts the dead off the vine (John 15), you need to cut the dead off your life. There is hope and expectation of greater, but right now your focus is stagnant and passive and you can’t see the bright tomorrow he has planned for you while you are living in the past. Renew your focus and trust him to see the unknown.

A Prophetic Word For Leaders; God wants to propel you!

I felt the Lord drawing me in to His presence. Then an unction came upon me to pray specifically for His servants, leaders and ministers in His kingdom.

I could feel His heart for you; His desire for a refreshing of your spirit and soul and that He would break your heart for what breaks His heart. I felt that your heart would unite with His and that you would come into spiritual alignment with His will and calling on your life. I felt that you would be refreshed and renewed in Him, have abundant life, health, prosperity and that you would not grow weary in your calling.

I transitioned to praying in the Spirit for God’s servants, and He gave me the interpretation. God wants your heart to be united with his heart. He wants to give you an outpouring of his love for His people. He wants you to burn with love for His people. He wants to invigorate you.

He desires to sustain you. He sustains you through his love, because when you have an overflowing vessel of His love, it can’t help but continually sustain you. You are always filled.

He wants to refresh you with His living waters, pour out new wine on you, he wants to fill you with revelation of His scriptures and pour out an everlasting abundance of knowledge. He desires to you use in greater measures.

I hear the word propelling right now in the spirit realm. He wants to propel you in new places, new spheres of influence and new places in the Spirit. He wants to increase your prayer life. He wants to lavish His abundant love upon you. He wants to renew your strength as an eagle.

God says now is not the time for weariness and heaviness; they must go. They have no place in the kingdom. He says, “You are victorious; you have the victory; you are victorious.”  Victorious because of His great love and nothing cannot be conquered when you have His love. His love will propel you into new places, new assignments and new anointings.

He said, “I am going deeper because the time is here that My kingdom must manifest. I desire to come in like a fresh morning rain. I love you with an everlasting love. I have anointed you, appointed you, chosen you. I desire to fellowship with you and renew your strength.”

There are great things coming. “Get ready, My people,” He says, “Get ready. Abundance! Outpouring! Refreshing! Renewal! Now is the time for prosperity in your soul, growth, abundance and transition. Yes, it is a time of transition, but good transition. You will be learning new things, abundant things about My kingdom. My Kingdom will prevail. Get equipped. Get ready! I am going to release the increase you need to advance My kingdom. My kingdom shall prevail. No weapon formed against it shall prosper, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper when you are equipped, prepared, ready and armed for battle. Yes, get yourself armed for battle. Get yourself armed in My Word. Permeate yourself in My Word, permeate yourself and saturate yourself in the revelation of My Scripture.”

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and instructor. Seek Him for guidance into my Scripture that is life and abundant health to your soul. Your soul is not perishing; it is renewed daily when you feed it my Word. Your mind, will and emotions need my Word, which I have brought forth. It is abundant life and light. It is refreshing, renewing and everlasting.

Bury yourself in My word. Allow it to come forth and birth new sprouts in you. Water those sprouts with My love. In the word, there is love and power that will spring forth and cause new things to grow in you. As you bring those things forth out of the depths of My Word, you will bring forth the change the world longs to see.