A Prophetic Word for 2016

I was spending time in prayer and the presence of God when in my spirit I began to experience words such as replant, rebuild and refurbish being released. I felt that the Spirit of the Lord was telling me 2016 was going to be a year of “re” words including, recreating and rebuilding. I couldn’t help but think revival also begins with “re.”

Refurbishing an item is stripping it down to its bare material and repainting it. It requires much work sometimes to take off all the layers of old paint, to sand it down, smooth it out and prepare it to be painted and beautified. It is a perfect analogy of what our Father does to His people in order to get them ready to be useful and productive for His Kingdom.

An old item can still be used such as a crate or a chair before it is sanded down and town apart. It may be chipped and peeling, some pieces may be falling off, but after it is chipped away at, the old paint scraped off it can be varnished or painted again, not only beautiful this time, but radiating a beauty that everyone now wants that product.

Our master Creator can do that with us too. He can scrape away the pieces that don’t beautify us or represent His name well. He can chip away at us through conviction, instruction and directions. His Spirit can reveal to us where we need to put away the old and take on the new.

I am hearing 2016 is a year of newness. Things you thought were lost, had no hope for anymore, or were washed away to the sea will be rebuilt and replanted in your life and it begins with the refurbishing.

A piece of furniture doesn’t have a choice whether or not to be refurbished, but God gives us free will. He gives us the choice whether or not we will allow ourselves to be recreated. What will your choice be?

Our God has made the word so beautiful with all the different kinds of trees and shades of green. He made the lakes and oceans, beautiful bodies of water and created the sounds of the waves to crash up against the shore for your enjoyment. He made the stars to glisten at night, so as you gaze out into an open sky you can see the beauty of his wondrous works of his hands.

Imagine for a moment an item being refurbished. It has some bare wood showing and paint now paint peeling off. Now envision the product done, painted with a new coat, perhaps some designs on the top layer. God was creative when He made this world, with the trees, oceans, mountains, and all the natural beauty He gave us to enjoy. How much more would He choose to recreate you, His very own child, into someone magnificent for His glory and the representation of His name?

As we are recreated, replanted, and rebuilt, we will be beautiful. Just as someone may not want the old box or chair, once it is refurbished, all of a sudden it becomes a cherished, valued, wanted item. You are all that to God even without the refurbishing! You are cherished, valued, wanted and loved greatly by Him. Don’t you want to allow Him to come in and take those wounds, the hurts, pain, unfairness and areas of your life where you are uncomfortable and allow Him to refurbish them? He can do it; the question is will you allow Him?

With 2016 upon us, it will be a year of restoration of restoring things that were once lost, of repurposing those who felt they have no purpose and recreating people to be all they need to be for the master Creator and His Kingdom.


How to Get Yourself in a Place to Receive God’s Instruction

Do you walk in obedience at your convenience or do you walk in strict obedience to our Father?

Obedience requires sacrifice. It requires us sacrificing what we think is important and what our flesh wants. It sometimes requires us sacrificing the easy way out. It requires us to get rid of our fleshly tendencies. Obedience requires discipline. Discipline to be adamant about following His orders, obeying our prophecies and directions that He has given directly to us.

Some of us would say we are obedient to God. We go to church, pray and worship, but this is not the obedience I am talking about. The obedience I am talking about is following His instruction.

How closely and attentively do you follow His instruction? Do you write down His instructions? Do you remember His instructions? Do you ignore His instructions or do you listen to His instructions? We don’t all like to be told what to do, even by our Heavenly Father. I assure you, we do need His instruction.

How do we get ourselves in a place to receive that instruction and act on those instructions? It is by allowing God to instruct us in all areas of our life, big and small. We look for God’s direction in big things, but when we hear His direction in the small things, often we don’t think it is God and that we don’t need to obey in the “little things.” It is obedience in these little things that the Father uses to instruct us how to have obedience in the greater things. When we hear these instructions and obey, we will learn to hear more clearly as a result of our obedience.

As you look at your life, do you consider yourself an obedient person? Would you be obedient if God told you to give away a piece of your jewelry? What if He told you to buy a person’s meal? Now let’s go a little further, what if there was something you really wanted to do badly and He told you not to do it? Could you be obedient? What if there was a situation that you really had to walk by faith and not by sight? Could you be obedient? What if you thought, oh it’s no big deal I will do it anyways?  That is not obedience! Doing something contrary to what He has instructed you to do is nothing but disobedience.

Obedience comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Our Heavenly Father is requiring us to be obedient in all things—all things, not just some things, but all things. This requires us crucifying our flesh, our wants and our desires for His. Our life is not our own; it belongs to the One who sits on the throne! We must get to the point where every thought, every action is in obedience to Him, is in relationship to Him.

We must examine our past instructions from the Father and ask ourselves, are we completing them, are we living them out? We need to go back into the past and say what has the Father told me to do, what have I written down, what did He tell me to start or complete that I am not doing. We need to make sure the things of the past, present and future are under the guidance and leading of the Father and that we are heeding His instruction willfully, obediently and quickly.

There is much more we can be doing for the kingdom if we will take the time to repent, confess, submit and take a huge step forward in complete obedience. No matter what it feels like or looks like, will you take that step forward with me in complete obedience? Remember our life is not our own; it belongs to the One who sits on the throne.

Prophetic Evangelism

Street evangelism?  People run when they hear the words street evangelist.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “But I’m not an evangelist.”  Yes, most of us are not born and raised to be evangelist. However, in Timothy it says, “But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry,” (2 Tim. 4:5).  Do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.  It doesn’t say do the work of a pastor, prophet or the other offices.  It says, “Do the work of an evangelist.”  Yes, those who are able should do the work of the other offices they are appointed with, but we can all be evangelists.

When I first started being called to the streets it was an act of obedience to the Lord.  As I felt Him leading my team and I to take prophetic love tours where we solely had to rely and trust upon the direction of the Holy Spirit it was a stretch of faith.  Who wouldn’t be stretched getting in a vehicle and being told turn left, turn right, go down that street, and stop at that restaurant to eat, or stop at the rest area when you don’t even have to use the bathroom?  It was a prophetic journey.  However, those prophetic journeys have now turned into love journeys where many lives are changed.

What started out as us being stretched in our faith and coming out of our comfort zone has now been released into people on the streets, in the stores, cashiers, waitresses and people working and shopping being changed and renewed with the love of Jesus.  Let’s face it people aren’t used to other people being nice!  We live in a world where we simply need to be nice, be love and be more.  When we will adjust our thinking to the other person is more important than ourselves we can be nice, be love and be more.

This was not always an easy concept for us to embrace.  We had to change a lot of things we were doing, such as driving to get that parking space first, reaching in to grab something in front of someone else at the store and walking extra fast to get in the restaurant to get the table first before the other people in the parking lot.  Evangelism is being nice, being love and being more in whatever way that looks like.  Our actions sometimes speak louder than words.  However, when our actions reflect the love of Christ and the importance of the other person, it will leave opportunities for our words to speak and witness the love of Christ.

We all have words we want to speak; we choose to speak to others.  The challenge is that we don’t speak them.  In the Bible, it states when they prayed for boldness that God answered their request, (Acts. 4:31).  He will answer yours too when you cry out for it.

Evangelism and love is putting ourselves aside, our agendas and releasing the love and power of God as directed by the Holy Spirit.  It is dependency on the Holy Spirit for Him to direct and lead and guide your path.  When we can trust Him for other things in our lives such as finances, housing, provision, jobs and ministry we need to rely on that same Holy Spirit to give us the words of wisdom to testify in a situation.

There are people who are never going to get in the church until we get outside of the church.  There are so many people waiting and desiring to have a pulpit.  You have a pulpit every day.  You have a voice and a love of God and when you speak out of the love and empowerment of God people will listen and that will be your pulpit, whether you are in a store, sitting for a meal at a restaurant or the Holy Spirit quickens you to go in somewhere because there is someone to speak to.  The Holy Spirit will highlight the person and unction your spirit to approach them.  Be obedient, listen to His unction, have faith and release the blessing of words He has given you to speak into a person’s life and do the work of an evangelist!

As my team and I have gone out in obedience we have been the one’s changed.  Learning to love those who are less desirable to the world or that people could criticize and judge.  We have learned through walking the streets of Vegas and loving on show girls they are just trying to make a living.  We have learned through loving on a transvestite that He is just a person trying to make people laugh.  As we have walked the streets loving on people we have learned that every homeless person has a story, that their families kicked them out, medical bills piled up, trauma attacked them after a war, the stock market crashed, retirement pensions haven’t taken in effect yet.  We have learned homeless people want someone to talk to, to not just put money in their jars, but people to invest in them and see the value they contain.  Every person has value, because every person is a son or daughter of God.

Through each prophetic love tour and evangelism journey we go on we teach and educate people on social media to do the same, to reach out, be nice, be love and be more.  It is not enough for us to simply make a difference.  We desire to teach other people that what we do they can do also.  What we were hesitant and felt unequipped to do they can do.  We are equipped when we have the Holy Spirit inside of us.

We were created to love God and love people, to serve God and serve people.  When we connect with God vertically and allow Him to pour in us from above it is then and only then that we can pour out horizontally to people with the love, power, passion and compassion of Christ.  People need God.  People need people.  You are the God people need.  Some may never think they can hear from God, but when you approach them with the love of God or a prophetic word from God they cannot deny a God exists.

Get past yourself, the inadequacies, the unfamiliarity’s of evangelism.   It is uncomfortable at first.  It does take a step of faith, but through Him and in Him all things are possible to those who believe, (Mark 9:23).  Are you going to believe the lie of the devil that you can’t do it or that you aren’t equipped or are you going to lean on and stand upon what the word of God says, that all things are possible to those who believe?

Prophetic Word for 2015!

There is a spiritual shift in the atmosphere.  God is getting ready to release destinies.  This is a year of IMPACT, EXPANSION AND GREATER.  He is going to propel you forward into your destiny; this is the year of launch. There is a spiritual shift taking place.  Things that were once hindered and delayed will no longer be dormant from your assignment.  God is getting ready to release new assignments of ministry for you this year.  Those new assignments begin with removing the things from your flesh that don’t belong.

This will be a year of crucifying the flesh, a year of no flesh, a year that you allow the Holy Spirit to remove from your flesh what doesn’t belong.  A year of impact, expansion and greater begins with the Holy Spirit impacting you with fresh ideas, new revelation and imparting and activating in you what was there from long ago, but never released.  Timothy says to stir up the gifts.  The gifts have been there.   The impartation the Holy Spirit gave you a long time ago needs to be released, must be released.

God is getting ready to do mighty things on your behalf and on behalf of the body of Christ.  He is getting ready to release some things that have been held up and delayed in the spiritual realm.  Things you have been waiting for will no longer be delayed.  He is removing distractions from your path.  Distractions in your life and distractions in your assignment.  God has a new assignment for many of you.  An assignment of peace, and no more wavering in your faith.  However, it begins with you.  It begins with you releasing your flesh, your wants and your desires for His desires.

God is getting ready to expand your territory, your sphere of influence, but that too first comes with an internal purging of the uncleanliness and things that are not according to His plan.  He wants you to seek Him for this purging and cleansing, to get rid of the flesh, anything that is unproductive and unfruitful.  He is calling us to sacrifice our flesh and surrender to Him those things we hold dear so we can be used effectively for His glory.

The Lord is coming in.  Greater measures are coming our way.  Greater influx of revelation of His scriptures.  He desires those who seek an earnest pursuit of Him.  When we earnestly pursue Him we will seek His treasuries and He will release the greater in our lives.  Expansion is coming our way.  God is getting ready to release.  He is getting ready to release the prophetic in greater measures.  His desire is for us to be releasing the prophetic, equipping people to be prophetic and pursuing the prophetic.

People have run from the prophetic, because the prophetic has been distorted and misused.  God wants us to bring balance back into the prophetic, to train people and release the prophetic.  God is looking for a prophetic movement.  He wants us to equip our youth to be prophetic, to have prophetic encounters.  He wants our churches to be open to a prophetic move from God.  He wants the prophetic released.  I hear the Lord say, “This is to be a year of prophetic movement, impartation, activation and release.”  He wants us to teach people about the prophetic, release the prophetic and move in the prophetic.

He desires more for us.  He longs to give us more as we continue forward into this year.  This is going to be a year of prophetic expansion, a year of releasing destinies, and a year of greater revelation.  Are you ready to seek an earnest pursuit of Him and allow the Holy Spirit to deal with your flesh so you can walk into the destiny He has prepared for you?

-Kathy DeGraw, founder of DeGraw Ministries  www.degrawministries.org