A Prophetic Word for 2016

I was spending time in prayer and the presence of God when in my spirit I began to experience words such as replant, rebuild and refurbish being released. I felt that the Spirit of the Lord was telling me 2016 was going to be a year of “re” words including, recreating and rebuilding. I couldn’t help but think revival also begins with “re.”

Refurbishing an item is stripping it down to its bare material and repainting it. It requires much work sometimes to take off all the layers of old paint, to sand it down, smooth it out and prepare it to be painted and beautified. It is a perfect analogy of what our Father does to His people in order to get them ready to be useful and productive for His Kingdom.

An old item can still be used such as a crate or a chair before it is sanded down and town apart. It may be chipped and peeling, some pieces may be falling off, but after it is chipped away at, the old paint scraped off it can be varnished or painted again, not only beautiful this time, but radiating a beauty that everyone now wants that product.

Our master Creator can do that with us too. He can scrape away the pieces that don’t beautify us or represent His name well. He can chip away at us through conviction, instruction and directions. His Spirit can reveal to us where we need to put away the old and take on the new.

I am hearing 2016 is a year of newness. Things you thought were lost, had no hope for anymore, or were washed away to the sea will be rebuilt and replanted in your life and it begins with the refurbishing.

A piece of furniture doesn’t have a choice whether or not to be refurbished, but God gives us free will. He gives us the choice whether or not we will allow ourselves to be recreated. What will your choice be?

Our God has made the word so beautiful with all the different kinds of trees and shades of green. He made the lakes and oceans, beautiful bodies of water and created the sounds of the waves to crash up against the shore for your enjoyment. He made the stars to glisten at night, so as you gaze out into an open sky you can see the beauty of his wondrous works of his hands.

Imagine for a moment an item being refurbished. It has some bare wood showing and paint now paint peeling off. Now envision the product done, painted with a new coat, perhaps some designs on the top layer. God was creative when He made this world, with the trees, oceans, mountains, and all the natural beauty He gave us to enjoy. How much more would He choose to recreate you, His very own child, into someone magnificent for His glory and the representation of His name?

As we are recreated, replanted, and rebuilt, we will be beautiful. Just as someone may not want the old box or chair, once it is refurbished, all of a sudden it becomes a cherished, valued, wanted item. You are all that to God even without the refurbishing! You are cherished, valued, wanted and loved greatly by Him. Don’t you want to allow Him to come in and take those wounds, the hurts, pain, unfairness and areas of your life where you are uncomfortable and allow Him to refurbish them? He can do it; the question is will you allow Him?

With 2016 upon us, it will be a year of restoration of restoring things that were once lost, of repurposing those who felt they have no purpose and recreating people to be all they need to be for the master Creator and His Kingdom.

Making all things new!

I make all things new.  Why does worry plague you?  False happenings ~ vain imaginations, consuming your mind?  Whatever happens, I make all things new.  Your mind is plagued with concern for things that have not yet happened.  You worry about things you cannot fix.  You live as lost instead of found in Me, where there is no concern.  When you are truly found in Me, living in a place of peace and love, you will not be in concern and fear, because you will know I have all things in the palm of My hand. Do you not trust?  If I take care of the sparrows how much more will I take care of You?  Care not.  Fret not.  Be encouraged I am here!

You want to be a lover of My presence, but how can you when you are not in My presence absorbing the rest and peace you need to walk this walk I have destined for you?  Stay determined.  Determined to set up to accomplish what I have chosen for you.  A destiny worth living, worth accomplishing.  We have much to accomplish together, but if your mind is filled with other needless concerns, how can you let me in to talk to you?

Give your concerns to me.  Make your petitions known to Me and then leave them there.  No more sorrows, vain imaginations and mind binding spirits.  Pour out your love to Me and as you do, trust will overfill that place of concern.  My perfect trust will be implanted in the silence of the night, in the stillness of your soul.

More peace and happiness will come your way.  I have made you for such a time as this.  Create in yourself a clean heart of rest, of my perfect will and it will renew your soul.  Trust Me little one who is giant in My Kingdom.  Trust Me, Your Father for the perfects plans and purposes for your life.