As I sit meditating in prayer this morning the revelation came to me…WHEN HAVE WE STOPPED HELPING PEOPLE???  I am specifically thinking about helping other ministries advance.  Aren’t we supposed to all work together and unite for the Kingdom of God?  When did it become all about us and “our ministry?”  Our ministry isn’t our ministry it is God’s ministry for the people of God.  Our ministry is about any calling the Lord has bestowed upon us.  Aren’t we supposed to be helping others advance?


In the church today there is much competition and jealousy.  Pastors and church leaders don’t want to invite prophetic and evangelistic ministries out to speak in fear of them “stealing their people and their money.”  It isn’t their people or their money, they are God’s people and God’s money.  How are evangelistic ministries going to “steal” these people anyways, most of the time they are from another state or region?  They are simple coming in to enhance the church, deliver a word and assist the pastor.


We need to step back and say, “If I promote others, God will promote me.”  “If I sow financially into good ground and good soil, God will sow into me.”  “If I am more concerned about other’s than myself, God will bless me.”  The righteousness of Christ within us is helping and assisting others in any way we can.


In the day of social media we can assist others by sharing their facebook posts and not concerning ourselves that someone got another like or friend request.  We can be a pulpit for ourselves and others.  The question is will we lay aside selfishness and do so.  When did it become all about us?


If we are called to make disciples and we are, then we need to be about advancing anyone who comes in our path.  If we want to be about the Father’s business than we need to do His business without being selfish.


In the day and age of facebook and social media we have the perfect opportunity to promote and exalt other ministries. Aren’t we supposed to be about the Father’s business and making sure people get the word of God, new teaching and revelation? Why are we intimidated by sharing status’, tweets and other information? If we are truly about the Father’s business it is not about our ministry because our ministry is His ministry and the people’s ministry.


It is about getting the Kingdom of God advanced in any means possible and not being self seeking and self exalting in the process. It is about establishing people to be greater than yourselves. You can make a difference on the internet, on your wall in your retweets.


So therefore share what you can and advance the Kingdom anyway you can…time is short and people need to hear the truth of God’s word without selfishness involved. This truly is a word of the Lord for the people of God this morning. Advance the Kingdom by advancing others. It doesn’t matter who spreads the gospel as long as it gets spread.