A Prophetic Word For Leaders; God wants to propel you!

I felt the Lord drawing me in to His presence. Then an unction came upon me to pray specifically for His servants, leaders and ministers in His kingdom.

I could feel His heart for you; His desire for a refreshing of your spirit and soul and that He would break your heart for what breaks His heart. I felt that your heart would unite with His and that you would come into spiritual alignment with His will and calling on your life. I felt that you would be refreshed and renewed in Him, have abundant life, health, prosperity and that you would not grow weary in your calling.

I transitioned to praying in the Spirit for God’s servants, and He gave me the interpretation. God wants your heart to be united with his heart. He wants to give you an outpouring of his love for His people. He wants you to burn with love for His people. He wants to invigorate you.

He desires to sustain you. He sustains you through his love, because when you have an overflowing vessel of His love, it can’t help but continually sustain you. You are always filled.

He wants to refresh you with His living waters, pour out new wine on you, he wants to fill you with revelation of His scriptures and pour out an everlasting abundance of knowledge. He desires to you use in greater measures.

I hear the word propelling right now in the spirit realm. He wants to propel you in new places, new spheres of influence and new places in the Spirit. He wants to increase your prayer life. He wants to lavish His abundant love upon you. He wants to renew your strength as an eagle.

God says now is not the time for weariness and heaviness; they must go. They have no place in the kingdom. He says, “You are victorious; you have the victory; you are victorious.”  Victorious because of His great love and nothing cannot be conquered when you have His love. His love will propel you into new places, new assignments and new anointings.

He said, “I am going deeper because the time is here that My kingdom must manifest. I desire to come in like a fresh morning rain. I love you with an everlasting love. I have anointed you, appointed you, chosen you. I desire to fellowship with you and renew your strength.”

There are great things coming. “Get ready, My people,” He says, “Get ready. Abundance! Outpouring! Refreshing! Renewal! Now is the time for prosperity in your soul, growth, abundance and transition. Yes, it is a time of transition, but good transition. You will be learning new things, abundant things about My kingdom. My Kingdom will prevail. Get equipped. Get ready! I am going to release the increase you need to advance My kingdom. My kingdom shall prevail. No weapon formed against it shall prosper, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper when you are equipped, prepared, ready and armed for battle. Yes, get yourself armed for battle. Get yourself armed in My Word. Permeate yourself in My Word, permeate yourself and saturate yourself in the revelation of My Scripture.”

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and instructor. Seek Him for guidance into my Scripture that is life and abundant health to your soul. Your soul is not perishing; it is renewed daily when you feed it my Word. Your mind, will and emotions need my Word, which I have brought forth. It is abundant life and light. It is refreshing, renewing and everlasting.

Bury yourself in My word. Allow it to come forth and birth new sprouts in you. Water those sprouts with My love. In the word, there is love and power that will spring forth and cause new things to grow in you. As you bring those things forth out of the depths of My Word, you will bring forth the change the world longs to see.


How to identify the spirit of offense and move toward healing

Offense is like an automatic weapon. Once you pull the trigger, it keeps firing.

Unless properly identified and repentance and change come forth, the spirit of offense will continue to cause chaos and destroy relationships. The spirit of offense has infiltrated our churches and causes division, dissension, strife, hurt and pain. As offense infiltrates our churches and annihilates the peace and unity what can we do as Christians to root this out?

We must self-examine, searching within ourselves to see when and if offense arises. If a person easily shuts down when people speak truth into their lives or make a suggestion and they automatically think the other person is wrong, this could be offense.

It is at the least a crucial warning to self-evaluate and try to discover why the person so quickly withdrew from the correction or suggestion given.  Often their thoughts will lead to, “they are out to get me.” Thoughts like those lead to an unhealthy and unproductive road of emotional turmoil. Offense is a deadly weapon that kills relationships and builds up bitterness.

Offense is tied to pride and control. Those three in operation together are a deadly trio.

People manifesting this trio seldom experience deliverance without spending a serious amount of time casting down their flesh, allowing God to divinely intervene and receiving correction and insight from those with prophetic wisdom. Offense is difficult to identify within, because pride will keep us from exposing the offense in our life. Pride tells us we are always right and cannot have offense in our lives.

Removing offense from us and assisting others involves identifying the characteristics of offense:

Entitlement: The person with offense feels they are owed something. They value what they have in themselves and feel they have worked hard and they deserve to be elevated. The truth is they felt they deserved something they weren’t entitled to. Entitled people feel it is their duty and responsibility even though it isn’t. When they feel entitled to a position or thing and don’t receive it they get offended and rejected.

Pride: Prideful people are self-reliant instead of God reliant. When pride attacks, it doesn’t allow us to see the entire picture. Lucifer was prideful and it resulted in his fall. When people are offended, the offense is rooted in pride. Pride makes us fall, however with offense people don’t see the fall as a result of their own doing, but they put the blame on others. Some people cannot handle the thought of being wrong and then they feel shameful and unworthy. When a person offers direction or correction to a prideful offensive person, often it is interpreted as I can’t do anything right or I messed up again.

Unfairness: People with offense often feel church leaders have treated them unfairly. A common complaint I hear is that, “they didn’t value my gifting.” People get hurt and build up resentment and bitterness when they are not used in the church. What people don’t realize is that there is proper order in a well-structured church and more than likely the person wanted to be used and valued before their time.

Respect: The world has taught us to demand respect, but the Bible has taught us to humble ourselves and serve with love. When offended, what the world has taught us screams in our ears and we cannot hear the quietness of the Lord’s voice that says serve with humility.

Control: Offensive people often desire to control the situation. When control and having it my way cannot exist, offensive people get offended and leave the church. If only they would have stayed under the strong leadership that didn’t put up with their selfish behaviors, they may have received the healing they were longing for but didn’t know they needed.

There are pastors and leaders who will put up with offensive people in attempt to usher them into deliverance and manifest the giftings within them. Unfortunately, offensive people think everyone else is wrong and they are the only one who is right. Therefore, when a genuine person comes into their life or is sent by God, they often don’t receive them because they don’t know how to receive unconditional love, correction and instruction.

People with offense become unteachable in their pursuit to be elevated, entitled and respected. They can’t receive the fact that this situation or church will be different from the last encounter they had. They are still elevating themselves and can’t believe that someone may have more knowledge or growth in their spiritual walk. They often would rather be argumentative than pursue peace and humility.

How can people assist those caught up in offense? We must love them unconditionally and listen to them. People with offense want to be valued and heard. We can go forth in the love of the Father by yielding to them, listening to them, offering spirit led advice and giving them a chance to heal.

How do you do that? Set healthy boundaries, but show them you have a quality that is different. Extended them the grace and mercy that Jesus Christ gave to you. Approach them with tenderness, but firmness. We want to lead and guide people into a place of peace and love, forgiveness and hope.

A good mentor and leader will speak the truth in love and give the person practical examples and instruction on how to walk out their past hurts and pain. Instead of always giving them the answer, instruct them in question form by making suggestions of what they could think about and take to prayer, seeking the Holy Spirit for discernment. By working with them and not against them, you can lead them to a place of receiving exactly what they are seeking, love and value and to be used by God.

Why It’s Crucial to Make God’s Word a Priority in Life

A question I recently have pondered is how can people label themselves as a ‘MATURE’ Christian and not be reading their Bible.

The Bible is the bread of life, the authoritative Word of God. We can’t simply choose when to pick it up and read it and when to set it down for months at a time. Yes, months at a time and even up to a year is what I am hearing from Christians as I travel the U.S.  These are leaders, volunteers, evangelists and some of them the very people that are teaching and instructing our youth, but not in the Word themselves.

I am continually surprised by the number of Christians I speak to that are not reading their Bibles. The excuses are just that, excuses! I invite them to think about how much they read in a day. You read the newspaper, magazine headlines as you stand in the grocery checkout, the texts on your phone and Yahoo news every time you fire up the internet which is several times a day.

Your favorite book is often read before your Bible and devotions at the breakfast table are often counted as Bible reading and are being used as a substitute to truly get into the Word of God. God never meant for devotions and Christian books to be a substitute to the Word of God. They are supposed to enhance it, co-labor with it.

In the day of Internet mania our social media posts could be the only Bible someone reads. How concerning is that? The Bible instructs us in end times many false teachers will arise and lead us astray. How easily we can be led astray if we are relying on social media to be the only Bible we read. How do we know the Scripture was typed right or interpreted correctly?

Bible reading is imperative. We are so entirely blessed that we live in the U.S., a country where we can freely open our Bibles every day and read the written Word of God. Yet so many Christians seldom open up the Word of God. Is the Bible always easy to understand? No, it’s not. However, as a believer desiring to live a life worthy of the King we must attempt to read the Word of God. To make no attempt to read what the Holy Spirit has inspired to be put on paper is simply complacency and laziness. The devil loves it when Christians are complacent and lazy.

I know there are days that the excuse is that we are too busy to read our Bibles, but really, were we too busy to eat, go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, comb our hair and shower? It needs to be a priority and a desire. If it is not a desire why not pray and ask the Heavenly Father to make it a desire, to stir up the desire within you.

What we do in a day is where our heart is or is not. It is our choice. Did you have time to check email, social media, but cannot check the Word of God? It is all a choice. The choice I want to make is to follow God. To saturate my soul and spirit with the authoritative Word of God every chance I get. Why not make that Bible app on your phone a priority?

To read and understand the Bible takes effort, but we studied for a college exam and we research on the Internet what is important to us. What can be more important than taking in the Word of God? When we studied for college we got out our books laid them out on the table and studied and cross referenced. We too must cross reference our Bibles.

We must study, dig in deep and pull the understanding out of it. A great way to do this is by trying a new or different Bible or have two or three together side by side. I love the new MEV Bible by Charisma. It takes something you have read several times before and makes it come to life inside of you, it really brings the meaning and interpretation home to you. We can’t simply read the Bible to gain understanding, we must study it!

If people are going to rely on you and social media to get their word do you have enough in you to sustain them? If all our Bibles and phone apps were taken away or if you were stranded on an island do you have enough of the Word of God in you to sustain you?

When are we going to start living the very Bible we read and when are we going to make reading it a priority? Times are coming to a close quickly where Jesus will be returning.  Darkness is invading the earth and we need to know what the Word of God says to live in these perilous times. We need to know what it says about false teachers, righteous living and everything else. We need to rely on the Holy Spirit to be our teacher and instructor.

The Bible is full of hope for your situation, answers to your problems, comfort for your broken lonely heart. What is holding you back from making Bible reading a priority in your life? Whatever is holding you back, realize it’s an excuse.

You make time for what is important to you. Today I pray you will make time to read your Bible and then go out and apply it to your circumstance. You just may discover you are on the way to the victory that you had been hoping for.

Are you speaking generational curses or blessings?

We’ve all been raised with the comments by our parents, “Be careful when driving so you don’t get in an accident,” or “Watch out the roads are going to be icy or slippery today,” or “You better not go near that person; they are sick and you might catch it too.”

We have been filled with concern that creates negativity in our minds. Worrisome parents who think they are doing good and warning us what to do and not to do. The problem is it causes us to have negative thoughts, worry and put those some kind of remarks on our children.

When we have those negative words instilled in us all our lives how can we not out of habit speak the same thing into our children? When those thoughts are spoken into our lives we can take them and have them become who we are over a period of time. We can become negative things like worry warts, paranoid we will get in an accident or afraid to go to a hospital or sick person’s house because they may be contagious.

These negative facts over years build strongholds in our minds so that when it is cold, snowy and rainy we will be scared instead of cautious to drive on the road.

I am 47 and I recently received another one of those texts from my mom about the weather condition. She means well. She loves me and desires me to be safe, but I have chosen to not live in fear of the storms, but have faith that God will guard and protect me and that the blood of Jesus covers me.

I remember several years ago as my children were starting to drive I had to hold my tongue back so many times. I knew I did not want the same fear instilled on my children that I was raised in about driving. I made a choice then to turn those generational curses of words and emotional turmoil into blessings and you can too.

When your children are going out the door, instead of the drive careful and “Watch out for deer or animals running out in front of you,” “Be careful it will be getting dark and rainy,” or “Make sure the kids in the car aren’t goofing off and distracting you,” why not say a blessing over them.

I have turned the generational curses into blessings by speaking out loud over their lives and into the spiritual atmosphere prayers such as, “Goodbye, have a good time, I love you, may the blood of Jesus cover you,” “Love you honey, I dispatch angels to guard and protect you tonight,” Or “Have a great time, the Lord our God goes with you and before you and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

By taking a few Scriptures and incorporating them into the natural things you say when your child leaves your home you can build their faith instead of imparting fear or concern. When you are speaking life and love into your children that raises their faith, makes them feel protected and assures them they can trust God to have their backside.

We can speak life and protection instead of worry.

When we speak these things we have just brought forth generational blessings and proper word choices that they can in return speak to their children. As you go forth in parenting what are you going to speak, generational curses of negativity or generational prayers of blessing?

How to combat betrayal in the church

Betrayal—we’ve all been hurt in the church and among the body of Christ. Betrayal comes in several forms like people abandoning us, not believing in us, hurting us, speaking behind our backs and not valuing what we have to bring to the Kingdom.

Betrayal originates from both others’ and our inner hurts and wounds. Inner hurts and wounds from past experiences and relationships left unhealed can and do affect the church, the body of Christ.

Psalm 51:10 says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” When we are hurt or wounded, we need to look inside ourselves and discover where healing needs to take place. There is a saying: “Hurting people hurt people.” Hurting people do hurt people inside and outside the church.

It seems as though church betrayal is all around. People come in and try to take control, prompting some to leave the church. Many feel they have so much to offer the church, but when things don’t go their way they start causing trouble for the pastor and the congregation.

Conflict arises among leaders when this happens and people begin to argue, disagree and get offended. When offense sets in it leads the way to betrayal and division and people in the church get upset, quit committees and commitments and start leaving the church.

What is the answer to hurt and betrayal in the church and how do we get it to stop? I believe it first starts with prayer and discernment about who should be in church leadership. In the body of Christ in general, 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. This puts pressure on the volunteers and leaders to do more, work harder and pick up the slack of those who don’t want to volunteer.

Due to the limited amount of volunteers when a new person comes into the church a pastor is seldom left options than to hurry and put them in a leadership position or a main volunteer role. The pastor sees good qualities in the person and implements them without the proper amount of prayer and discernment out of desperation.

The person volunteers, gets involved and soon when their character is revealed, we discover that there are emotional and spiritual issues that need healing. This often causes more harm than help to the church in the long run.

Waiting to implement people in certain positions until relationships have been formed and characters have been revealed would be an asset to the church that would bring unity and cooperation instead of division and dissension.

The next thing we need to do is properly train our volunteers, leaders and people in our church and ministry. Proper training comes from leadership having a set action in plan ahead of time and being on the offense and not the defense. What is required to volunteer in your church or ministry?

We have two mandatory resources that help fight against church division and disunity and are required reading for our ministry volunteers.

The Bait of Satan by John Bevere is a great book on the spirit of offense. It identifies offense and helps you heal from offense. I can still remember a time someone suggested it to us while we were in a church conflict. We had never heard of the book or study that comes with it, and my husband’s small group did a study on it that changed our lives.

We now recommend it to everyone as preventative measures and not defensive measures. It is required reading within the first three months of being in our ministry having a desire to serve.

I have found that Perry Stone’s book The Judas Goat is another great book and a must-have for all ministries. This book on betrayal exposes the enemy’s tactics of how people can come in and destroy the church. It makes the reader aware and educated on relationships and how to protect what God has given you.

I strongly suggest again that all leaders read this as preventative measures to church conflict. There are also benefits in this book for people who have been hurt from the church in discovering what went wrong and how to prevent such things from happening again.

As leaders of the church we need to be responsible for the hurt that is going on in our churches. If we can provide our congregation and volunteers with reasonable guidelines and suggestions on how to prevent hurt, than it certainly is our responsibility.

Ultimately, we need to teach forgiveness and we need to model love. The latter truly covers a multitude of sins. When we extend love to each other, healing begins.


Now that the Supreme Court decision to legalize homosexual unions has become law how do we the church stay unified?  With a variety of beliefs among pastors, churches, denominations and religions it makes sense that the enemy would enjoy using this to cause further division among the Christian community.  How do we the church stay unified during these times?

How do we unite and be love?  There are so many opinions and conversations floating out on social media, in the breakroom at work and in the lobby at churches, that we need to make sure we are staying united in Christ. Christ is love. Christ loves the sinner, but dislikes the sin they are participating in. We need to make sure Holy righteous anger is what is protruding forth and not offense, bitterness or dissension. The enemy would love to use this in order to divide us.

Let’s come together and pray for what has manifested. Let’s pray conviction on those leading these lifestyles and most of all let’s be love to everyone, homosexuals and fellow Christians with different beliefs than our own. God said, the greatest of these is love and love your neighbor as yourself. So do my favorite saying and be part of the love movement, be love.

Check yourself and make sure you are not gossiping or slandering against an individual or pastor who believes differently than you.  If you can’t say something positive, than perhaps stay silent.  The best we can do it forgive, to pray for conviction and to pray the ruling somehow gets overturned.  Meanwhile, we must keep unity among fellow Christians, our families, communities and our churches.  God is the great judge, allow Him to judge.

Follow the following tips in the days ahead to be love and keep yourself from sin.

  1. Be love, unconditional love.
  2. Keep your tongue and lips from speaking deceit and bitterness.
  3. Forgive those involved in the sin, in the court process and decision.
  4. Speak the truth, don’t compromise, and don’t hold back your beliefs.
  5. Read your Bible so you know and can share the truth when confronted with conversations in the days ahead.

God loves us despite our sin and we must love others.  It is important to keep ourselves from sin and to always in every moment be love.


Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!  “To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified,” (Is. 61:3).  We often hear people quote this when they see someone is discouraged, which is what heaviness can be compared to.  Some might adapt the verse to say, “Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!”  The Spirit of praise is something you have to “put on.”  Jesus Christ put our sins on Himself for us, so shouldn’t we put on praise for Him?

Praise and worship is not always about a feeling. It is about what needs to be done and what we were created to do.  We were created to worship.  When the spirit of heaviness comes on us, we need to stand before the throne of God and worship.  Putting on praise is like putting on armor; it is heavy, but we have to wear it.  We have to dress ourselves in praise like a soldier dresses for battle.  You have to push in and persevere just like the men in battle and biblical accounts in the Old Testament.

The heaviness I have been talking about is the heaviness that comes upon us in opposition.  This heaviness is a distraction.  It is ungodly and wants to weigh us down and distract us from our purpose of worshiping God.  Heaviness comes in all forms.  It can be a presence in the room, a person who enters the room who is weighed down, an evil spirit trying to penetrate the atmosphere, or it can be something whose purpose is to detour you from worship.  This kind of heaviness is a weight, distraction or stressor that inhibits the move of God.

There is another type of heaviness that comes upon us that we welcome, and that is the heaviness of God’s manifest presence.  It is when the Spirit of the Lord Himself shows up in your presence.  It is referred to as when Moses couldn’t stand in His presence and neither can we.  When we cultivate the atmosphere by singing our praise, by giving our hearts to Him, by extending all we are, our inner most being to Him.  He will enter into our presence and commune with us.  He will give us visions, increase our discernment, equip us for ministry and simply is with us.

It is His manifest presence, the heavy weight of the glory, that we should be seeking and calling forth.  In His presence, in this weight of glory, you have direct access to the throne of God.  It is like God Himself just showed up in the room.  How I long for people to experience the manifest presence of the Lord.  It is throughout the Bible, but so often fear rises up and people prevent themselves from entering into that deep presence of the Lord.  They don’t understand it, haven’t experienced it, and are afraid of it.  Some people are completely satisfied with where they are with the Lord and aren’t seeking more.  Others say it’s not for me, I am not good enough to experience that, or they don’t understand it and shut God off from what He wants to do, from what He can give them.

People perish for lack of knowledge; well, in this case, people lack the presence of the living God, because they don’t know how He wants to visit them.  He wants to give you visions of your future, answer your dreams, show you your destinies and give you gifts greater than you can imagine. He wants you to cry out to Him in sorrow and repentance and He wants to wipe every tear away.

In order to get to the heaviness of God’s presence we need to move through the heaviness of distraction in worship.  It is an effort sometimes to worship when you don’t feel like it, when children are crying and distractions are all around.  Worship is warfare.  The enemy doesn’t like it when we worship and will try to erect blockages, but we can be victorious.  It takes effort, perseverance, however when we break through the heaviness of the world we will enter into the heaviness of our Heavenly Father’s presence.

Won’t you cultivate the atmosphere in your home, in your prayer groups, in your worship services to let the heavy weight of His glory come in?  The King of Glory wants to come into your life, your meeting and your church service.  Let Him come in, desire Him to come in, repent for what you did not know or want to experience, and let the King of Glory come in.

We don’t worship to get something out of it, it is not for us.  However, we will end up blessed when we push through.  We will have the pleasure of knowing we worshiped with pure intentions and took back territory from the enemy.  We could even get a garment of praise, a vision, a word from the Lord, a personal intimate moment with Him or peace from experiencing His presence.  He blesses us for our obedience and He blesses us for our worship.  He doesn’t have to but He chooses to.

Spiritual warfare is real. Before, during and after, it can put on a spirit of heaviness.  At times like these, when we feel the weight, sometimes it is all we can do to stand up with arms open wide and put on the garment of praise.  Praise changes the atmosphere, worship changes the atmosphere.  Let’s change the atmosphere of our lives today!