Now that the Supreme Court decision to legalize homosexual unions has become law how do we the church stay unified?  With a variety of beliefs among pastors, churches, denominations and religions it makes sense that the enemy would enjoy using this to cause further division among the Christian community.  How do we the church stay unified during these times?

How do we unite and be love?  There are so many opinions and conversations floating out on social media, in the breakroom at work and in the lobby at churches, that we need to make sure we are staying united in Christ. Christ is love. Christ loves the sinner, but dislikes the sin they are participating in. We need to make sure Holy righteous anger is what is protruding forth and not offense, bitterness or dissension. The enemy would love to use this in order to divide us.

Let’s come together and pray for what has manifested. Let’s pray conviction on those leading these lifestyles and most of all let’s be love to everyone, homosexuals and fellow Christians with different beliefs than our own. God said, the greatest of these is love and love your neighbor as yourself. So do my favorite saying and be part of the love movement, be love.

Check yourself and make sure you are not gossiping or slandering against an individual or pastor who believes differently than you.  If you can’t say something positive, than perhaps stay silent.  The best we can do it forgive, to pray for conviction and to pray the ruling somehow gets overturned.  Meanwhile, we must keep unity among fellow Christians, our families, communities and our churches.  God is the great judge, allow Him to judge.

Follow the following tips in the days ahead to be love and keep yourself from sin.

  1. Be love, unconditional love.
  2. Keep your tongue and lips from speaking deceit and bitterness.
  3. Forgive those involved in the sin, in the court process and decision.
  4. Speak the truth, don’t compromise, and don’t hold back your beliefs.
  5. Read your Bible so you know and can share the truth when confronted with conversations in the days ahead.

God loves us despite our sin and we must love others.  It is important to keep ourselves from sin and to always in every moment be love.


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