Getting past ourselves to bring unity to the church

We are not entitled to anything.  We live however, in a society where as we give, we are taught we should receive.  We live in a place where people believe if they give something to you, you should get something back.  We have this, “You owe me,” mentality which is wrong.

The Bible instructs us to give and to do it joyfully.  In order to live biblically and be love we need to give with no expectations in return.  However, even Christians can’t do that.  The amount of unfairness and offense plaguing Christians and the church is astounding.  People don’t see within themselves toself-evaluate and to discover the offense and unfairness they are taking into their souls.

One of the most common statements I hear from Christians is that pastors don’t give them an opportunity to minister in their church.  The people are offended and feel rejected because the pastor of their latest church didn’t embrace their idea that they thought was awesome.  They get offended and leave that church to go to another one and have it happen all over again.The common theme is that the pastors didn’t appreciate their anointing or that they were jealous of their anointing, like it was something special.  Jealous of an anointing?  Who are we to elevate ourselves so high to think someone would be jealous of our anointing?  We are to be humble.  If we were truly walking in humility than another person being jealous of our anointing would not even enter our minds.  We are here to serve, not to think we are better than the next person.

When you think you are better than your pastor or another anointed one what makes you think you are better?  Our churches are divided and in discord because too many people think their pastor has been unfair.  But if we feel we are better than them shouldn’t we be searching our heart for why those thoughts are manifesting instead of accusing are pastors of our perception of them?  What are you going to say to God?  Well God I left that church before it was time because the pastor was threatened, in competition or jealous of my anointing?  Really can you stand before God and consciously say that?  Aren’t all men created equal and in the image of God in the Bible?

We as the body of Christ need to get past ourselves and be love!  The common denominator in most situations is ourselves.  Without taking time to self-examine and look inside ourselves for our inadequacies we don’t see that.  Instead we finger point and look at everyone else’s inadequacies instead of looking at our own.

Maybe that pastor didn’t give you a fair chance.  Your responsibility is to love them anyways.  Your responsibility is to forgive.  Your responsibility is to be obedient to God.  That is your responsibility and the sooner you learn that, perhaps the sooner God will give you the position you desire.

When a person is repeatedly offended in a church they need to look inside themselves to discover what they are doing to create that offense.  Are they opening their mouth too much?  Are they being prideful and bragging it’s all about me.  Even our body language and lack of conversation can convey much about ourselves.  We blame the church pastor more than looking at our own faults.

The reality is we need to get past ourselves and serve as Jesus served with no expectations of anything in return.  As a body of Christ we don’t know how to do that, because when pride binds you, you can’t see your own faults.  Pride says, “I have no pride.”  It does not allow us to be aware of what is so deeply hidden inside.

Moving forward the reality is, we are not, “all that.” Until we discover who we are in Christ and whose we are, we are going to falter.   Everything is not the pastor’s fault.  Everything is not always our fault.  We need to have eyes wide open and simply be love.  If we are love, unconditional love, we will walk in humility.  When we walk in humility we stop playing the blame game because it doesn’t matter who did what.  When we walk in humility we don’t elevate ourselves above the pastor.  When we walk in humility we don’t deserve anything or desire anything because we know we are on the earth to serve and be love.


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