It has been a couple of weeks since the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize homosexual unions and I still can’t get it off of my mind.  I have prayed and repented on behalf of the nation and people.  I have grieved and have wondered how our Heavenly must feel through this decision.  The thought that keeps coming to me is what could have the church done differently to prevent this from happening.  I keep cycling this over in my mind and come up with the same answers.  We are not preaching the full gospel.

Our churches have been preaching a gospel that itchy ears want to hear.  Conviction and truth are not going forth from the pulpits in all our churches.  We have been preaching on love and grace in the new grace movement, but not the entire truth of the Bible.  I remember vividly my husband being told as he pastored a church at one time to preach the positive good stuff from the pulpit, but don’t preach about hell, demons or the “negative stuff.”  What negative stuff?  The Bible is all full of the truth of the word of God.  He told his superintendent that if he only preached the good stuff, love and grace, than he was only preaching half of the Bible.

That is similar to what our churches are doing today.  They are only preaching the good stuff.  Pastors are concerned to preach the truth that homosexuality is wrong.  They don’t want to lose congregation members, or upset anyone or have arguments within the church.  They sit idly by and tolerate that which should be intolerable at the risk of causing strife.  Meanwhile, beliefs are compromised and people are given permission, by us staying silent, to sin.  Nobody takes the time to explain that the homosexual person is deeply loved by God and the church.  They are not explained to that their sin and lifestyle is wrong.

How many homosexuals whether they think they were born that way or were sitting on the fence and one day finally jumped over would have changed if the church would have given them a way out?  Why aren’t our pastors sitting down with people and showing them the scriptures, reaffirming them with God’s love and offering assistance to help deliver them from this kind of lifestyle?  The church has stayed silent where it should have been bold.

What about the congregation members and people like you and I?  How many times have people been silent and not simply spoken up that this is contrary to the word of God?  We don’t need to speak up in an argumentative way, but in a way where we offer love and solutions.  Helping people work through the inner healing and deliverance issues that lead to homosexuality?  Why aren’t we explaining the truth of God’s word, instead of being in a group of people and afraid to share God’s word?

We have been called to stand out in the world and to be the light of the world.  We will give account for every idle conversation.  We will give account when we compromised our beliefs or stood silent.  People lead people to Jesus Christ and are concerned about where they will spend eternity.  Shouldn’t we have the same concern for these people?  They are just as important.  It is not always easy speaking up for the Bible and what is right, but it is what we are called to do.  I just wonder…if pastors were preaching the complete gospel from the pulpit and people were speaking up in casual conversations about this topic and the truth of what the Bible says about it; how different the verdict could have been or how many less people would have been celebrating or hoping the verdict went the way it did.


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