Holiness in our lives

Holy, Holy, Holy.  Holy is He.  The Lamb of God, He is Holy.  Do you look upon His holiness?  Do you gaze at His beauty?  For He is Holy!!!  When I think about His holiness it brings me comfort.  Being wrapped in His arms with the closeness of His breath breathing on my cheek.  I love His holiness.  The comfort He brings me on a stormy day.  I long to be with Him in His holiness. 

Striving for holiness isn’t what we should be doing.  Our everlasting Father doesn’t want us to strive for anything.  Seeking His holiness to be like Him with pure motives and total abandonment to Him that is what He wants.  Us to be sold out, dedicated to finding His holiness.  To be like Him that is what we should long for, His holiness.

Holiness, that means turning off the TV because it does not line up with our standards.  Holiness means no unclean, foul thing coming out of our mouth.  Holiness means seeking Him first, not other idols like reading fiction books, playing facebook games, or cleaning the house one last time.  These are simple distractions that people escape to in order to avoid or delay spending time in His presence.  Yes, some are afraid of His presence and fill their time with worthless things because they are afraid of the change God will ask them to bring into their lives.

His holiness, it’s what I long for when I worship.  It’s what I need when I breathe.  Just to breathe in His holiness.  What do you desire to breathe in today?  I want Him all of Him and I pray you do to.


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