End Racism

It’s amazing to me after Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and many other great people tried to break down the walls of racism that it still exists at the levels it does today.  What are the standards our nation has set, our communities have established that makes one person think another person is beneath them. 

Our forefather’s sure did it wrong, teaching us to be racist and putting in the racial divide that still exists today.  As a society and a generation that is supposed to love and embrace we are responsible for breaking down the walls of racism.

Why is homosexuality so widely embraced (I am not saying that is right), and interracial marriages are shunned?  People look at Asians like they don’t belong in our country and Mexican’s have been long outcast.  People feel the only worth Mexican’s have is for the migrant working.  Well we need Mexican workers because they are hard, dedicated, loyal workers more than some of us “white” folk. 

Why do we still have to have racial slurs?  We don’t put a slur in front of a white person’s race, why should be a black person? 

It grieves me to know that racism still exists today and what our Heavenly Father must say about this when He was the One who created different nationalities and such wonderful diversity.  Who are we to judge and criticize what He created.  He created a colorful world, yet we need to learn to live Colorless.  The Spirit of God is Colorless; so should we be Colorless.

If a person of another race, ethnicity or nationality saved your life; would you still be racist?  I hope not!  Well they do save your life every day; they are in our Armed Forces, Governmental Leaders, Police Officers and Firefighters.

Why do you still think racism exists?  Because we allow it.  Because we don’t open our mouths and take a stand for it!  We sit by silently and accept the negative talk about people that are different from ourselves.

      It is our responsibility to put an end to racism; and the responsibility begins with us!  What will you do?  Look inside yourself and root out and pull out any racism so that you can truly live in a Colorful but Colorless world!


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