Called to Testify

Imagine for a moment that you have been called to testify in a trial against God. Would you be called for the defense or the prosecution? According to Isaiah 43:10, God has chosen you as His witness. God declares in 26 verses 3 times “You are my witnesses”.

In the Hebrew, the word witness comes from the word “martus”, this is our root for martrye, or one who bears witness by his death. Webster’s dictionary defines it as one who furnishes evidence by giving a first-hand account of something experienced. God has chosen you to furnish evidence for Him out of your intimate relationship with Him.

Scriptures instructs us in 2 Chronicles 20:20 “… Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” I want to look specifically at the word “believe”. In the Hebrew it is “aman” and means to be firm, stable, established, and firmly persuaded. The word “believe” belongs with the purpose of witness. When we believe, we are established and firmly persuaded, which the character and essence of God pours out of us as a witness to those around us.

As you look at the scriptures passages around Isaiah 43:10, you gain further insight on this scripture. At the end of Isaiah 42, Isaiah is prophesying to a very stubborn and obstinate people group. In their heritage, they had witnessed many miracles from God in their time in the desert. Yet, we find God speaking to the Israelites about worshipping their idols in chapter 43. It was the opinion of the Greeks that the same God had not always existed. Who are the blind and deaf people? They are a people destitute of reason and common sense otherwise they would not worship their own gods.

God makes strong declarations because He wants us to know above all else His omnipotent power, authority and the enviable essence of who He is! He is a jealous God, He wants His children to honor and glorify Him as their Omniscient Father.

You were chosen/called to witness for the King of Kings. You were set apart, and He is telling you “fear not”, I am with you. I have all the authority and weaponry necessary for you to be a light in a dark world. My majesty is there ahead of you. Do not be stubborn and bull headed in your fear of the unknown.

The Israelites allowed idolatry to interfere in their witness. Just possibly we are the same way. While we may not be building golden calves, what are the small “appearingly insignificant things” that have weeded their way in?

The enemy likes to sneak in during what appears to be very small and insignificant things to distract us from our testimony. We must be sober and vigilant in our walk to ensure our witness remains strong in evidence of our Almighty Father.


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