The Refuge

Many of us have been to those team building meetings. Remember the test where you are to fall back into the arms of another person and TRUST that they will catch you. While you picture and feel that event in your mind, I have two questions:

1)        What if you are asked to fall back into the visible arms of God? Could you do it?

2)        What if you were asked to fall back into the invisible arms of the Holy Spirit?

Hard questions to come to terms with aren’t they. Did you ask yourself if you would hesitate? Or would you laugh to release the fear? But isn’t the second question where we really live our lives. Trusting or unfortunately not trusting in the Almighty God, even though we really can’t see Him.

In order for each of us to live the victorious, overcoming lifestyle that God has promised to us, we must be able to trust the Almighty Father to protect us, to always have our back no matter what. In order for us to be effective and truly be the light to this world, we must know who we are, and the authority we walk in, and ultimately are able to trust the Father in ALL things.

Psalm 91 is a tremendous place of refuge, strength, and hope that God wants us to rest in, when we chose to make Him our dwelling place and place our trust in His ability to lead, guide, and love His children.  Yet trusting the Father 90% is not what He is expecting from us. He is expecting our whole/complete trust to be placed in His care.

This Psalm speaks us of His great divine protection that is shelter and dwelling that is necessary for us to weather the storms of life. It is indeed the shelter that provides us the strength to say “And I’ll praise You in this storm, And I will lift my hands For You are who You are No matter where I am”.

As His children, we have been given the right to expect that our lives will be different than an unbeliever. We all face circumstances of struggle that stretch us outside our comfort zone. However, we have the divine covenant promises of God to rest in, trust in, and rely upon. 


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