Trained for Endurance

Many of us are facing unbelievably difficult circumstances. It is our heart, which will determine our success. Is our heart trained and disciplined by the Holy Spirit to walk against diversity and in tune with the obedience of our heavenly Father? The world/devil continually challenges us and tells us this is ridiculous give up, it’s not worth it, or the ultimate “you can’t handle anymore”.  If our heart is disciplined to the word of God, it will not “explode” during the endurance phase of the race. God has clearly told us that it is the narrow path that leads to abundant life. We are told it is the less travelled path, and can be the lonely path because few dare to go.

I am pressing in even harder this year. I have my own race right now, which the world continually tells me is the impossible race to win. However, I am determined to ensure that my heart is disciplined and trained by the Almighty, knowing that no matter what happens. I am in God’s winner circle! What’s the training regimen, step by step obedience, feasting in His word, deep prayer, and quality time in His presence. Yes, these are the basics that we all know.

We have the heart of a champion, our bloodline is one of victory and overcoming tremendous difficulties. We have the bloodline of a Champion through our inheritance in Christ. He is more than abundantly capable of showing us the way to victory in our lives! Whatever you are facing today, He is more than enough!


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