Christians as Eagles

This was a recent prophetic insight the Lord gave me for the body of Christ.


As I was worshipping what the Lord showed me is eagles, and you know eagles represent mature Christians.  Eagles they fly together, they fly together, but eagles also fly alone.  Eagles also fly alone and you have to find other eagles to fly with.  What the Lord was showing me  was us flying in the air, in our regions.  The Lord was also showing me us departing into other parts of the United States. 


He showed me the sphere of us flying together, but then us also going here and going there and going there and going there as it says what, the whole earth is filled, the whole world is filled with His glory.  Because why, because we are going to be carriers to different regions.  It is about us empowering people into that mature Christian walk, into that place of deep discipleship.  But then it is about us sending them out, sending them out into different regions.  It is about US going into different places; God will send us into different places to bring His word.  As representation of Christ He will us.


Each one of us will be called to dispatch and go into a different regions and carry what we have out into the world.

And what the Lord said to me is, He said “don’t you know your destinies, don’t you know your callings, don’t you know your values? Get rid of the insecurity, get rid of the pride, get rid of the intimidation, get rid of everything you think won’t happen because of this, because of circumstances, because of situations.” That’s what He’s saying; He’s saying get rid of that because my word says with God ALL things are possible-ALL things are possible Philippians 4:13.  So with God all things are possible cause why, cause Christ strengthens us. It’s Christ’s hope of glory that’s in us.


So what He really wants to impart into you this morning is, He says don’t you know how great your calling is? Don’t you know how great? Are you willing to accept the assignment that I have laid upon you? Are you willing to accept that helmet of salvation, those breastplates of righteousness, those shields of faith, the gospel of peace, the shoes of peace, the belt of truth, the sword of the Spirit; are you willing to accept them? Cause I have clothed you with my garments says the Lord, I have clothed you.


He says you have to accept the strength of the calling that I have put on your life because you are a unique remnant of eagles and those eagles are here to fly together but there will be a time when those eagles are dispatching through the whole earth, through the whole earth you, through the whole earth. We have a high calling, we have a big mandate and this is preparation and the first place that we need to be prepped is in our hearts.  It’s in our hearts, not in our heads, it’s in our heart.  Not so we can know it so we can feel it, so we can believe it, so we can receive it. The whole earth is going to be filled with His glory and we are going to impact different regions, different places of that whole earth.  We are empowering people but first we need to empower ourselves, we need to empower, we need to feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. That true empowerment permeating every part of us, every area of us so that nothing is untouchable and nothing is unreachable in the kingdom of God for His will, His plans and His purposes.


So we seal that in and we call forth in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


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